Friday, January 13, 2012

The Evidence.

        Not one time in this video did I see a Newport police officer elbowed in the face several times. However I did observe several officers jump on top of a man and preceded to punch and hit him while he was being held down by multiple officers, I didn't see a single bit of resist even after he got beat up.
NEWPORT, KY (FOX19) - The Commonwealth rested its case Wednesday in the trial of Duane Cranmo, who is accused of assaulting a Newport Police officer during a fight over the summer at Newport on the Levee.

Prosecutors called a security guard working at Newport on the Levee the early morning hours of July 5, as well as four Newport Police officers who responded to the patio of the Funny Bone Comedy Club.

Corporal Larry Long testified that Cranmo threw three elbows at his jaw and resisted arrest. Cranmo was part of a crowd that had been in the comedy club when a fight broke out. The crowd moved outside and police ordered everyone to leave.
Cranmo is accused of disorderly conduct and inciting the crowd to turn on the officers, in addition to the assault charge.

After the prosecution rested Wednesday, the defense called a man who worked security for the comedy club that morning. He testified that he heard the defendant's brother, Jermaine, tell Corporal Long that Duane's girlfriend was pregnant, and to watch out for her as the crowd was being dispersed.

He also testified that Corp. Long replied, "I don't give a (expletive). I'll do what I want."
In earlier testimony, Corp. Long denied ever saying that.
The security guard also testified he didn't see Cranmo do anything wrong.

The defense then called Duane's other brother, Matt, who was also there when the arrest happened.

"They were beating my brother right in front of me," said Matt Cranmo.

On cross examination, the Commonwealth asked both Matt and Jermaine if they were convicted felons, and both replied that they were.

Cranmo, 27, then took the stand in his own defense and told the jury that he did exchange profanity with Corp. Long that morning but that he was following orders to leave the area, did not resist arrest, and never threw an elbow or struck the officers.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Campaign free GEEZY underway expect it.

        Apparently in the city of Newport you no longer have a right to a fair trial. A man gets viscously beat by multiple officers and he's the one sentenced 11 years no less that is outrageous! Proof is on video how can you deny the fact of innocence. The evidence is present and I'm on the case to expose this corrupt city to the world. Hopefully his family is granted an appeal and the case is viewed by someone other than the officials in the city of Newport.

It made the local news but lets take it national.

Duane Cranmo, 27, was among the crowd outside the Funny Bone comedy club in the early morning hours of July 5, 2011.

Prosecutors say Cranmo was with the crowd of about 30 people that had gotten disorderly and been asked to leave. Denise Trauth, who tried the case on behalf of the Commonwealth, told the jury that when police tried to take Cranmo into custody for disorderly conduct, he resisted and threw several elbows directly at Corporal Larry Long with Newport Police.

Defense attorney Jim Kidney argued that Cranmo was following orders to leave, and did not resist arrest. He said a "pile" of Newport Police Officers went beyond what was necessary to take him into custody.

The jury sided with the Commonwealth and found Cranmo guilty of one count of 3rd degree assault, which is a felony, and disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, which are both misdemeanors. Because of prior convictions, Cranmo was sentenced to serve 11 years in prison, a sentence which devastated Cranmo's family and friends who stayed throughout the trial to support him.

Jamie Sigmon, who has a child with Cranmo, told FOX19 that Cranmo was offered a plea deal but turned it down because he did not want to admit to something he didn't do.

"He is not a violent person," said Sigmon.

Cranmo has three prior felony arrests, though all were nonviolent, and he testified that for the last three years he has been holding down a job and providing for his family.

His mother, Mary Elizabeth Cranmo, asked the jury, through tears, to grant her son some mercy and let him go home to raise his family.

Fellow Newport Police officers of Corporal Larry Long testified on Long's behalf, saying the crowd that night was growing increasingly loud and threatening, and that Cranmo was inciting the people around him to turn on the police, an assertion the defense denied. Corp. Long testified that he ordered fellow officers to place Cranmo under arrest for disorderly conduct, and he was following Cranmo as the crowd was exiting the Riverwalk level of the Levee. Corp. Long told the jury he grabbed Cranmo from behind, in order to place him under arrest, and that's when Cranmo turned around, saw Corp. Long was the one grabbing him, and threw his elbow into the officers jaw repeatedly.

After Cranmo was taken into custody following the trial, his girlfriend told FOX19, "I don't know what I'm going to do now. I don't know what I'm going to tell the kids."